Arena Drags & Watering Equipment

Arena Drags

We get it — caring for your horse and arena are No. 1. However, proper care can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. Not only do you have to think about maintaining the appearance of your arena, but you also have to factor in broken equipment and injured horses. It adds up. 

Red Master Harrow's equipment was designed to solve all of these common problems. Our commercial-grade, American-made equipment is durable, reliable, easy to operate and a great value. It's precisely designed for safety, performance and dependability.

Our arena drags feature depth-control, gauge wheels, simple adjustments and unique framework as well as a lifetime warranty on frames.

Red Master T-Rex

The Red Master T-Rex was designed for any type of arena, including personal or multi-purpose. We designed this harrow from the suggestions of our customers who wanted a true all-in-one harrow. With the versatility and adjustments built in this harrow, you will never need another arena tool.

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Red Master Harrow

The Red Master Harrow is one of the most high-tech horse arena harrow implements on the market today.

This harrow was designed to prepare the best possible working surface in horse arenas with or without a knowledgeable tractor operator.

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Red Master Harrow II & III

The Red Master II has two rows of s-tines to create spacing between the s-tines, which allows material to flow through more freely. The Red Master III has the same great features as the Red Master II. However, we extended the frame to accommodate three rows of s-tines.

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Red Master Reiner

The Red Master Reiner is specifically designed for the reining industry. This harrow provides maximum tooth-per-ground coverage thanks to the 4-row tooth carriage. The tooth placement was designed to work the footing without interrupting slide capability.

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Red Master Roller

The ultimate piece of equipment for all-season maintenance. In all arenas or pasture maintenance, you must control air pockets for winter to summer versatility.

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Mini Red

Our Mini Red boasts the same great features as our full-size harrows. However, we scaled down the frame to better accommodate being pulled behind a quad, Mule, Gator or ATV.

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Red Master Cutter

The Red Master Cutter is based off the Red Master II. It has two rows of s-tines, with the difference being that the tine bars are set lower to allow for deeper harrowing.

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Red Master Travel Right

The Red Master Travel Right harrow is designed for synthetic footings. The guide wheels and tires control consistency and depth.

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Watering Equipment

Our water tank kits can be used for dust control for all units. We supply 500 and 1,000-gallon water wagons.

Water Tank Kit

This 100-gallon water tank is used for daily refreshing and maintenance in your arena.

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Water Wagon

Our water wagon can be used for dust control for all units. We supply 500 and 1,000-gallon water wagons.

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Additional Equipment

Our commercial-grade arena and watering equipment is manufactured with great care and meticulous design. Easy to operate, our products provide you with superior tools for your discipline of choice and arena. To view our extensive collection of arena drags, watering equipment as well as a number of addons, please visit our online shop. All equipment is manufactured in the USA.

Paddle Wheel

Our paddle wheel located at the rear of our unit serves two purposes. The first is clod busting. The second is to help add more air to the ground. 

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Float Pan

Our float pan is ultimately designed to smooth the ground and lock air into the ground, providing a finished look and a ‘cush’ that would simulate air-ride for your horse.


Our ripper attachment has set us apart and made Red Master an industry leader. Our top link that attaches the ripper to the harrow allows for adjustments on making the ripper as aggressive or nonaggressive as you need. 

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Tow Bar Hitch

The tow bar hitch allows any 3-point harrow to be towed. Each tow bar is equipped with a 2” ball hitch or pin hitch

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