Red Master Harrow


Follow these steps to set up your harrow.


Before you get started, it's important to have the harrow level so that you do not upset the arena’s consistent grade and/or dig into the footing, and expose the base.

If you encounter any issues setting up your harrow, please contact Red Master Harrow at 886.362.9353.

 Download and Print Setup Instructions

T-Rex Instructional Setup Video


Once the harrow is hooked up to the tractor, find a location on the property that is flat to begin the set-up process. We also recommend reviewing the air pressure in both your tractor and harrow to ensure the air pressures is equal on your tires.


To assist you in set-up, we recommend lifting the harrow about 5 inches off the ground. This will allow the harrow to be suspended and show its true setting.


Next, place a level on the width of the harrow and use the bubble in the guide window to adjust the horizontal setting. This will keep the harrow tracking flat on the surface and in the turns. (Note: When making sharp turns, slow down to prevent your tractor and harrow from dipping.)


Adjust the horizontal setting on the tractor to level the harrow. Once you have completed the adjustment, you may move on to the next adjustment.


Adjust the vertical setting for the harrow by loosening the lock nut and turning the “T” on the adjustment pin in the direction required.


To adjust the vertical setting (angle), place a level on one side of the harrow to determine the existing angle. You want this setting to be as level as possible.


When all adjustments have been completed, the air bubble in the level will be in the center, both horizontally and vertically.


This is the best use of two levels in determining the set-up of your harrow while the harrow is still 5 inches off of the ground.


Once the tractor and harrow are in the arena, set the harrow down on the surface and operate the tractor for about 10 feet. This will allow the harrow to settle in the footing. (Note: Make sure your three point is all the way down so the harrow weight is on the tires — not on the three point.)


Place the levels on the harrow to check your horizontal and vertical settings. If adjustments are required, make them before harrowing the arena.


When the harrow is properly set-up, the paddle wheel or float pan will float in the center of the stirrup.


Adjust the spring teeth tines. By turning this lever, you will adjust the teeth on the harrow up or down. Use the teardrop lock washer to secure the setting.


Once the setting is adjusted, we recommend operating the tractor for 10 feet so the teeth penetrate the surface. You can see how deep you have adjusted the teeth by moving the footing surface away.