Red Master Harrow

Red Master Harrow

RedMasterHorrow-1.jpgThe Red Master Harrow is one of the most high-tech horse arena harrow implements on the market today.

Red Master Harrow Features

  • Spring tooth adds air or “cush” back into your footing without digging into your base materials
  • Three tire height adjustments - guide wheels and tires control consistency and depth
  • Float bar levels and compresses the footing to a uniform consistency
  • 4 X 3/16-inch wall thickness structural tubing frame
  • Double-braced lit brackets
  • Three-point lift allows operator to back into corners
  • Adequate ground clearance when lifted for transport
  • Tips are reversible for extended life
  • 650-point bearings and axle assembly
  • Red Master Harrow will adjust zero to 3 inches of depth
  • Equipped with a tow bar to pull the Red Roller
  • Float pan is 3/16-inch steel gauge with ¼-inch teardrop sides





20 hp


22 hp


24 hp


This harrow was designed to prepare the best possible working surface in horse arenas with or without a knowledgeable tractor operator. The Red Master Harrow will maintain a level surface including the kick boards. You have total control of the working depth of the air pockets (cush). The float pan will also compress your surface to maintain consistency. This harrow is excellent for winter and summer maintenance — most harrows will not do both.

Due to its free standing capabilities (on tires), the Red Master Harrow is one of the most goof-proof horse arena implements on the market today; it does not allow you to scrape down to the base. Not only does it work up the footing surface, but the spring teeth also work the footing by adding air to the footing. This is your "cush" to any desirable depth that you wish, but it is also a leveling device for your horse ring. The double-sided tips are reversible for a longer lifespan. This is two pieces of tractor equipment for the price of one.