Red Master Cutter

Red Master Cutter

Red Master Cutter

RedmasterCutter.jpgThe Red Master Cutter is designed for dirt rings and the deeper depths required by the cutting industries. The teardrop sides have been purposely cropped to avoid plowing and provide easier turning. Two inches of additional space between the two-tines bars. And two inches of depth capability have been added to this harrow frame to achieve zero to 6 inches of depths. Seven inches of depth may be achieved with repetitive harrowing and proper moisture content.

This harrow has also been successfully used in dirt rings such as barrel racing, team penning, reining, rodeo, etc.

Features of the Red Master Cutter

  • Cutter will adjust zero inches to 6 inches of depth, 7 inches with proper conditions.
  • 4 X 3/16-inch wall thickness structural tubing
  • Two rows of spring tines
  • 3-point hitch allows operator to back into corners
  • Adequate ground clearance when lifted for transport
  • Tips are reversible (teeth) for extended life
  • Eliminates crustings, breaks up clods and smoothes
  • Self-cleaning action helps to prevent plugging
  • Gauge wheels and tires control consistency and depth
  • Three tire height adjustments; manufacture settings is in the center
  • Both rows of spring teeth adjust depth with one turnbuckle, while the 3-point supplies additional depth control
  • Float pan is 3/16-inch steel gauge with ¼-inch teardrop sides
  • Float pan can be removed and exchanged for a paddle wheel option
  • A tow hitch provides towing capability for the Red Roller




26 hp


28 hp


30 hp