Red Master Reiner

Red Master Reiner

ImageComingSoonSized.jpgSpecifically designed for the reining industry, this harrow provides maximum tooth per ground coverage. This is a result of the 4-row tooth carriage and tooth placement, which were designed to work the footing with interrupting slide capability.

Features include:

  • Four rows of offset teeth for complete coverage
  • Tow hitch allows the harrow to pull a Red Roller while operating
  • The Water Tank Kit designed for this harrow
  • Adjustable Float Pan is 3/16” steel gauge with 1/4” teardrop sides
  • Adjustable tooth depth; required tools included
  • Replaceable plow steel teeth
  • Guide wheels and tires control consistency and depth
  • Three tire height adjustments; manufacture setting is in the center hole adjustment.
  • Adequate ground clearance when lifted for transport
  • The 3-point lift allows operator to back into corners
  • Tooth carriage equipped with turnbuckle for adjustment
  • Teeth are factory pre-set
  • Double braced lift brackets
  • Float pan for leveling




37+ hp


42+ hp


50+ hp